Friday, 24 February 2012


                           ACADEMIC CALENDAR FOR 2009 BATCH STUDENTS

Engg - I Semester 1
1. E1Sem1 - Starts on July 11th (Monday)
E1Sem1 Starts : July 11th
Weekly Test 1 July 23rd   Monthly Test 2 September 24th
Weekly Test 2 July 30th   Weekly Test 7 October 1st
Weekly Test 3 August 6th   Dussera Break October 2nd to October 9th
Monthly Test 1 August 13th   Weekly Test 8 October 15th
Weekly Test 4 August 27th   Weekly Test 9 October 22nd
Weekly Test 5 September 10th   Monthly Test 3 October 29th
Weekly Test 6 September 17th      
End Semester Exams: October 31st to November 5th
All marks to be returned from campuses: November 19th
E1Sem1 results declared: December 5th
E1Sem1 remedial exams: March 26th to April 2nd

Engg - I Semester 2
3. E1Sem2 - Starts on November 7th (Monday)
E1Sem2 Starts : November 7th
Weekly Test 1 November 12th   Weekly Test 6 January 21st
Weekly Test 2 November 19th   Monthly Test 2 February 4th
Weekly Test 3 November 26th   Weekly Test 7 February 11th
Monthly Test 1 December 3rd   Weekly Test 8 February 18th
Weekly Test 4 December 31st   Weekly Test 9 March 3rd
Weekly Test 5 January 7th   Monthly Test 3 March 10th
Winter Break January 8th to January 15th      
End Semester Exams: March 12th to March 18th
All marks to be returned from campuses: April 1st
E1Sem2 results declared: April 18th
E1Sem2 remedial exams: May 2nd to May 7th 2012

Engg - I Semester 3
4. E1Sem3 - Starts on March 19th (Monday)
E1Sem3 Starts (All branches) : March 19th
Weekly Test 1 March 24th   Summer Break May 1st to June 3rd
Weekly Test 2 March 31st   Weekly Test 5 June 16th
Weekly Test 3 April 14th   Weekly Test 6 June 23rd
Monthly Test 1 April 21st   Monthly Test 2 June 30th
Weekly Test 4 April 28th      
End Semester Exams: July 3rd to July 7th
All marks to be returned from campuses: July 21st
E1Sem3 results declared: August 5th

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