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Undergraduate Programme:

Six - Years Integrated Course:
The program offered by the RGUKT consists of a six year integrated course after 10th class examination leading to a B.Tech. degree. The first part of the six-year course is a two-year Pre University Course (equivalent to (AP) Intermediate) followed by a second part of four-year Engineering Course. At present the pre-university part of education offers premature specialization in tracks such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Life sciences (equivalent to MPC + BiPC). By bringing students in to the University at an earlier stage we hope to impart a broad based education including humanities and liberal arts to students.
The Pre University Part:
This is equivalent to the two year Intermediate (AP) education. The program provides a qualitative plus two education in itself and further lays a stronger foundation for the technical and professional courses ahead. It has an inbuilt system for remedial education for the students who are relatively weak. In addition, there is a foundation course in IT, preparing students to make full use of the Information Technology and Communication resources provided by the RGUKT in its novel model of teaching learning. There is a permitted exit after Pre-University if the student chooses to go for a career in other professional programs. The program also provides short-term courses in humanities and social sciences so that the students emerge as confident, energetic, enthusiastic youngsters seeking challenges in their university education and life.
Curriculum      Regulations
Degree Programs at RGU IIITs:
Upon completion of 6 years of education, each year consisting of 3 semesters, and the prescribed requirements, the graduates will be awarded a B.Tech. degree in any one of the following engineering disciplines given below
  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Computer Science and Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communications Engineering
  5. Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
Further, depending on the performance and by earning additional credits, it is possible to get a B.Tech. with two Majors, i.e., one in Computer Science and the other from among Chemical, Civil, Electronics and Communication, Materials Science and Mechanical. Alternatively it is possible to get a degree with one Major and two Minors or one Major and one Minor. One of the two Minors may be from Business Management, Economics Mathematics, Social Sciences and Statistics.
Curriculum     Regulations

Post Graduate Programme

This course has been designed incorporating advanced Computing Techniques and Tools to suit for the people seeking TEACHING/RESEARCH CAREER in computational Engineering/Sciences competing with world class curricula.
  • Computational Engineering
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