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Life at RGUKT

As mentioned earlier, RGUKT is a fully residential environment. This is necessary because most of the rural students come from a geographically distributed wide area and would not be able to commute to the campus. Thus, it is essential to provide a fully residential campus with all of the facilities included such as a shops, hospitals, bank, laundry, barbershops, etc. appropriate for a community of about 20,000 people consisting of 12,000 students, 3000 faculty and staff and 5000 service providers of various types. The Director of the Institute also becomes the pseudo-Mayor of this township dealing with the typical problems of community based living. Since the students are joining the institution at the age of 15 where they are undergoing physical transformation and hormonal changes, being away from home adds to their stress. The local Health Clinic must provide for Psychological Counseling and support.
Many rural households tend to be poor and many of the factors of daily living that we take for granted are not always known, such as using a sit-down toilet as opposed to a squatting toilet and significant additional personal education will be needed to facilitate the integration into the larger community.

Extra-curricular activities in RGUKTShopping center

To cater to the needs of students, there is a general store, a canteen, a salon and a beauty parlor in every hostel. Students can make use of these services at a reasonable price.

RGUKT’s goal is to give students a well-rounded education and doesn’t stop with just giving students an education in the Sciences and Engineering. Students are encouraged to get involved in arts, music, drama, debate, paintings and other elated skills. At this point, there is no full time faculty for these disciplines but it is anticipated to hire full time faculty and visiting faculty also.
Soft Skills and Edutainment

After an evening break consisting of sports and dinner, students are expected to go back to the classes for a wide range of activities involving soft skills and edutainment. These sessions are normally supposed to happen from 7:30PM to 10:30PM.
The students have access to audio books of classics, both Western and Indian. The Western Classics might include books by Mark Twain, Walter Scott, Dickens and the Indian classics might include the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. Each paragraph in each book is hyperlinked to an audio rendering of that paragraph so that a student can listen to a native speaker reading the paragraph with proper pronunciation and intonation. Thus, as well as reading the classics, the student is also able to learn how certain proper names are pronounced such as San Joaquin Valley. The students also learn how to do touch typing, prepare and participate in debating clubs and read newspapers online. Those students that are taking the remedial classes will miss some of these activities but it is expected that they will have plenty of time to catch up.
Health and Safety:

RGUKT provides its students and staff all the necessary medical facilities. A medical center with the required facilities is under construction and is anticipated to be operational soon. The center will have 30 beds and 3 doctors.


  • Parents are allowed to meet their children only on Sundays.
  • Relatives of students are not entertained unless they are accompanied by the students’ parent(s).
  • Parents need to make an appointment to meet their children.
  • When students want to go out of campus to their home towns, parents are required to come and pick them up.
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be used on campus. Students can use their cell phones in their rooms alone. If one is found to be using a cell phone on campus, it will be confiscated immediately.
  • No food from outside is allowed in the hostel. Parents are not supposed to bring snacks or food of any kind for their children.

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